Bike skills coaching session

I attended a mountain bike coaching session last Friday with Tony Doyle of UK Bike Skills. The day was bought for me as a Christmas present last month and I’d been waiting for the date to come around with some anticipation. I’d heard good things about Tony’s courses but was also a tiny bit sceptical about what there was left to learn having been mountain biking for 20+ years.

I’m happy to say that any negative thoughts instantly evaporated once we got underway. Turns out there is plenty to learn and I picked up more in 5 hours on Friday than I have done in years. Particular focuses for me were cornering, smoothness through complex series of sections and a fear of my wheels leaving the ground. By the end of the day I was clearing tabletops, handling small drops with ease and flying through berms at what previously would have felt like impossible speeds. Swoopy singletrack is now more fun than it’s ever been.
Big thumbs up to Tony and UK Bike Skills.

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