EMAC vet’s T&F league 2018

The 2018 Eastern Masters Athletics Club (EMAC) league is drawing to a close now and MKAC has made it through to the final once again. Bedford took the crown last year so let’s see if Milton Keynes can improve on last year’s silver medal. I shall be trying to make it three consecutive years of taking the race walk title when the final comes to Milton Keynes next month.

I only had the discus to cover at the fourth and final league match this week, so spent the evening taking a few snaps instead. Rapidly disappearing light made it a little hard, though.

MX5 Trackday @ Stowe, Silverstone

MX5s at Stowe circuit
My Roadster

A while back I posted that I’d just picked up a new Eunos Roadster (MX5) and that photos would follow shortly. Well, over a year later, here are a few.

I attended an MX5 trackday this weekend at Silverstone’s Stowe circuit. It was the first time the car has really been pushed hard since I’ve owned it and I’m pleased to report that it handled the day well. The Roadster is well suited to Stowe’s short straights and twisty nature. Handling was spot on – this car is so easy to steer on the throttle, even in the wet – and the car kept up with most stuff through the bends. The straights were a touch frustrating though, lots of cars in attendance were either bigger engined models or fitted with turbos or superchargers which left me pretty much bottom of the pile in terms of straight line speed.

The car feels a little exposed on track in standard trim, a proper roll bar/harness bar and a decent seat with harnesses would be nice. More power would be great too but it would be difficult to justify the cost of a supercharger conversion when the car only cost £1000.

Mazda On Track are running a day at Brands Hatch in December which I’d like to attend. I’ll have to see how money is looking in the run up to Christmas.

The rest of the MX5 trackday photos are here in my Flickr stream

Behind the scenes – timelapse video

 I was recently asked to help out at a Taekwondo studio shoot with photographer Ben Luckman. In between moving lights and backdrops around and generally being in awe of these guys’ martial arts awesomeness, I decided to shoot a little behind the scenes video and set up a time lapse camera in the corner of the studio to capture the whole session.

For the techie geeks out there, the time lapse frames were shot on a Nikon D70 tethered to a Macbook running Sofortbild timelapse and camera control software, shooting a frame every 12 seconds for the duration of the two hour shoot. I set the D70 to manual focus and exposure to avoid the camera hunting around and to give stable light levels. Video clips were shot on a Flip HD pocket video recorder and the whole lot was put together in iMovie ’11.

This is the result:

TKD Shoot Aug 11 from Jason Carvalho on Vimeo.

I’ve got a long list of things I’d do differently next time, but I think the concept seems to work quite well.

For more info on Ben’s photography, check out his flickr stream and website.