Jase Fried Chicken

Crikey, it’s been a while. Two months in fact. It’s been reasonably busy, hence not posting here, in that time I’ve gotten married and spent nearly a month in New Zealand and Australia on honeymoon. Photos coming soon once I’ve had a chance to go through them all.

So now we’re back to reality, the weather’s rubbish and I’m skint. This weekend was particularly unpleasant outdoors, so I decided not to go riding and did a spot of cooking instead. Inspired by a colleague at work, I decided to fry some chicken as a late evening snack, dead simple. I covered the chicken in Jack Daniels BBQ Sauce, covered it and left it in the fridge to marinate. A few hours later it gets taken out of the fridge, rolled in rice flour and fried in a few cm of oil until golden (probably around 15 minutes). It’s the first time I’ve tried this and they taste excellent. The rice flour is a neat trick and goes really crispy when fried, without the need for complicated or messy liquid batter. Continuing the cooking theme, Helen also made some cup cakes this weekend. Edible glitter is great and these easily tasted as good as they looked.

As the weekends get colder and wetter over the winter, you can expect a little less bike talk and a bit more food photography on here. Having said that, there may be some Yorkshire based bike news coming soon which I can neither confirm nor deny at this stage…

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