I bought a new car from a friend a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t really need another car but it was a bargain and I couldn’t resist. It’s a 1990 Eunos Roadster (Jap import Mazda MX-5). Not sure if being 20 years old makes it a classic car or just old.

It’s not perfect. One of the rear dampers feels like it’s knackered and a bit bouncy so left and right cornering isn’t entirely consistent when pushed hard, there are a few paint chips and scuffs here and there, the diff needs an oil change and the stereo speakers are ready for the dustbin. On the plus side though, it has extremely low mileage, a new hood, a brand new stainless steel exhaust, two sets of wheels, a sweet running little engine and has just sailed through an MOT with no problems at all.

By my reckoning it should make for a very cheap little toy to stick in the garage and take for a drive on sunny days. Unlike my previous Roadster this one’s ‘just’ a 1.6. I say ‘just’, but the difference in power between this and the 1.8 is negligible and if anything I would say that the 1.6 is the revvier, more sporty engine. I think this one’s had an uprated flywheel too which feels great, especially on downshifts. Makes the VX220’s powerplant feel positively lazy.

I’ve only had a chance to drive it properly a couple of times so far but I’m absolutely loving it. It’s not fast by any stretch of the imagination but the steering is quick and precise, the brakes feel great (especially after driving modern over assisted cars), the gearchange is sweet and the raspy little exhaust puts a grin on your face when buzzing about with the roof down.

I think I’d forgotten what a pleasure driving could be.

I need to take a can of anthracite/dark grey paint to the naff looking red wheel centres and get hold of some cheap door speakers so I can listen to the radio, but that’s about it. New shocks and bushes would be a luxury but they can wait till next summer.

Pictures to follow soon no doubt.

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