So, 2010

Here’s a few notable bits and pieces from 2009

  • Got married
  • Had an amazing holiday in New Zealand and Australia
  • Got a half marathon personal best of 1:56
  • Entered my first triathlon
  • Bought a few bikes
  • First sports car free year since 2002
  • Set up a darkroom in the garage for ‘proper’ B&W wet prints
  • Completed my CIM Diploma (awaiting results)
A few of those were realised 2009 new year resolutions. There were a few other failed resolutions that will have to carry over to this year though, notably spending more time in the darkroom printing up and framing some photos for the house and perhaps making a photo book or two.

Now is also the time to start looking at the sporting calendar for the year. I’m so far booked in for another ‘Rat Race‘ urban adventure race (in London this time) in September and will no doubt also do the Milton Keynes NSPCC Half Marathon and maybe one or two ‘Ace Races‘ one-day adventure races. I’m going to have another crack at a sprint triathlon again too, I know what to expect this time so can concentrate on getting a slightly better time. Something in particular I’ve got my sights on this year is trying some enduro events – endurance mountain bike races that last 8 hours/100km-ish – I like the idea of pacing something like this out rather than going hell for leather and coughing my guts up hard for 45 minutes.

Finally I want to visit at least a couple of MTB trail centres in either South Wales or the Scottish Borders. My last trail centre visit was Coed y Brenin in about 2000ish so I’m keen to take the riding a little further from home again.

So there it is. Basically, take more pictures and ride more. On that note, here’s a picture from a recent ride.

(click for larger version)

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