London and Milton Keynes Marathons

Marathon medals

It seems like it was years ago that all this started, when I found out I’d got a space in the 2014 London Marathon. In reality it was only last October, but I’ve (literally) covered a lot of ground since then. Since October I’ve run for a total of 113 hours, covering over 700 miles and burned around 80,000 calories. That’s around 230 burgers.

Race day in London was amazing.  For 26 miles from start to finish there are constant crowds of people cheering and supporting, in places the support is so intense it literally takes your breath away. I finished the race in 4:16, struggling in the heat over the last six miles but swept along by the crowds. Milton Keynes was much calmer, although still had excellent spectator support. Three weeks of recovery between the two events may have been a little optimistic. Once again I struggled with the heat and hills towards the end of the course, finishing yet again in 4:16, although slightly more comfortably. Having my three year old son run across the finish line with me was pretty cool. Having the finisher’s medal put round his neck instead of mine, not so much!

I seem to have become slightly addicted to this distance running lark and have just booked flights to Portugal to run the Lisbon marathon in October. I can’t wait.

Here’s a little cartoon I came across a couple of months ago whilst in the midst of my marathon training. It’s worth five minutes of your time and describes long distance running better than I ever could: